Student Health Insurance Policy & Procedures

UAMS Student Health Insurance Requirement

2013-2014 Changes:

  1. Full-time and part-time students are required to verify health insurance coverage
  2. Implementing sanction for noncompliance:  account deactivation, effective August, 2013
  3. Added:


Students enrolled at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are required by University of Arkansas Board policy (Policy 1260.1) to have health insurance coverage at all times. The proof of personal health insurance process is required every semester in which a student is enrolled. The responsibility for obtaining health insurance coverage rests with the student.  Students are urged to research for themselves the policy best suited to meet their individual needs.

Health insurance policies must meet minimum standards set forth by the Student Government Association and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Coverage must meet the following criteria:

  •  Plan must provide at least $100,000 in coverage (for each covered injury or sickness incident)
  • Policy must have no major exclusions. Plan must include: major medical, pharmacy, emergency medical, mental health, and diagnostic x-rays/laboratory services
  • Health insurance coverage is required for the entire semester for which a student is enrolled
  • Individual plan must have a policy year deductible of $1,000 or less; family and employer plans are exempt from this requirement
  • Plan must provide identification card or policy with student name and/or policy information allowing student insurance monitors to confirm eligibility
  • Plan documents must be in English with currency amounts converted to U.S. dollars and an insurance company contact phone number in the U.S. must be provided


Full-time and part-time students are required to verify adequate health insurance coverage twice a year (August and January).  Students provide proof of coverage by inputting insurance information into the UAMS online

Student Health Insurance System: .

NOTE:  New students must have a UAMS account before using the student health insurance system.

The system offers three (3) proof of coverage options:

  1. Proof of Purchase – Students may purchase the university sponsored insurance plan: Academic HealthPlans (AHP).  For AHP benefits and enrollment information, call 855-247-2273 or visit To verify coverage, AHP insurance information must be inputted into the UAMS on-line system.
  2. Proof of Other Coverage – If a student has personal health insurance, the policy must meet UAMS required standards. To verify coverage, insurance information must be inputted into the UAMS on-line system.
  3. Appeal – Once the student’s current personal health insurance information is entered into the system, it will be analyzed to determine if it meets the minimal standards. If the policy does not meet required standards, students must revise their insurance policy OR purchase the university sponsored plan OR file an appeal with UAMS insurance administrators.  (501-686-5850)

Each semester, the Department of Campus Life and Student Support Services will announce system availability timelines and verification deadlines.  For questions regarding UAMS student health insurance requirements contact:

Nakia Dedner – (501) 686-5850 –