Verification Deadline Spring 2014

Student Health Insurance Compliance Verification & Deactivation Schedule

Spring 2014

Portal Opens December 17, 2013

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NOTICE:  Account Deactivation Warning

Your UAMS computer domain account, which connects to email, blackboard, O2, and on-line library resources, is scheduled to be disabled on February 5th due to noncompliance of health insurance verification.  To avoid being disconnected from your account, log onto immediately and verify your health insurance coverage.  If you have questions about the verification process, contact the Office of Campus Life and Student Support Services at (501) 686-5850.


  • If your account is disabled, it can be reactivated by contacting IT Security at (501) 686-8555. To retain an active account, the verification process must be completed immediately.
  • Notification system is updated twice a week. Therefore, if you receive this notice after verifying your health insurance, the system will refresh on Tues & Fri.