Verification Deadline Information

Student Health Insurance Compliance Verification & Hold Schedule

Spring 2020

Portal Opens December 2, 2019 (verify on/after this date)

Verification Deadline is February 10, 2020

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox

Ensuring that you stay healthy is important to UAMS.  Therefore, a policy approved by the Board of Trustees (Policy 1260.1) requires all students to have health insurance coverage at all times.  To meet this requirement students may obtain his/her own health insurance coverage or enroll in the university sponsored policy.

To provide proof of coverage and verify that minimal standards are met, students must input their coverage information into the student insurance portal link (shown above).

Please Note:  If at any time it is discovered that a student is not covered by health insurance as required, the appropriate college will be notified and the student’s UAMS computer domain account will be placed on hold.

For questions regarding this process, please contact the Office of Campus Life & Student Support Services at 501-686-6973.