What to do when turning 26?

When turning 26 a student may be dropped from a parent’s policy due to age. Especially if it’s a family plan through an employer. However there’s no need to panic. The UAMS Academic Health Plans (AHP) Student Policy has the students best interest covered. When aging off a parental policy the student has 30 days from the date of drop to sign up for UAMS AHP Student Policy.

First the student must complete a Qualifying Event Application found at . There are two forms to choose from, please make sure the correct form has been selected. An incorrect application could delay processing.

Along with this form the student must provide proof of prior health insurance coverage. This proof can be retrieved from the policy holder insurance company, employer or Human Resource Department. We ask proof of coverage along with Qualifying Event Form (QEF) are forwarded to the fax number or address listed on the QEF application.

Do not forward QEF papers to Campus Life and Student Support Services. Faxing, emailing or mailing this information to the wrong location will delay processing.

Once documents are submitted to AHP, check status by contacting AHP directly at 855-824-9679 .