Associated Student Government

ASG President- Cody Timmerman, ASG Secretary- Allison Schneider, ASG Vice President- Jeanne Rabalasis, ASG Treasurer- Kyle Davis

“The Voice of the Students”

Join ASG. Make a Difference.

Do you care about this school and its students? Do you want to leave this university better than you found it?

Interested in meeting and working with some of the most driven, UoA-spirited, energetic students at UAMS? Then join ASG!

 What is the Associated Student Government (ASG)?

ASG was formed to legislate and administer student policy.  ASG works to make the University a more helpful environment for students in both academic and extra-curricular areas.  “We represent the students to the administration and serve as a unified voice to benefit the students.”

The purpose of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Associated Student Government is to act as a liaison between the students and the faculty/administration.  It is expected that all senators will lead by example, setting high standards of conduct, spirit, and achievement.  The ASG attempts to protect and advance student interests.  The ASG also attempts to promote the welfare of the students by providing a harmonious and effective learning process; a forum for expression; and economic, social, and cultural advancement so that students can better themselves and their community.

The duty of the Associated Student Government is to establish and facilitate communication between all campus constituencies; provide assistance, as needed, to all members of the community; assist in the formulation and implementation of University policies and practices; and promote elements of integrity, professionalism, and impartiality.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ASG exists to represent and act in the interests of the students. The Associated Student Government has created an academic and extra-curricular environment benefiting students through its programs and works to sustain and improve them each year.

Associated Student Government is funded by and operates on activity fees paid by students. All enrolled students are members of and are represented by the ASG.  You are encouraged to become acquainted with the officers and class representatives and communicate to them matters that warrant ASG consideration. In order to serve effectively, the ASG needs your support and that of the entire student body.

Become a Part of Something Great

Run for ASG

If you also want to serve as a voice for the student body, you should run for an ASG Officer or Class Representative position. As a ASG Officer/Class Representative you can both serve on committees and participate in conversations that directly influence ASG and University policies and services.

ASG Officer or Class Representatives gain unparalleled leadership experience working with top administrators and student leaders to shape the way ASG and the University tackle our most urgent and biggest challenges. ASG Officers and Class Representatives weigh in on the most pressing issues facing our campus: diversity & inclusion, sustainability, academic standards and student services.

You must also be to manage your time well and stay accountable. Being a ASG Officer or Class Representative is a considerable time commitment. In addition to attending ASG meetings on Monday’s during lunch, Officers and Committee members are also responsible for attending monthly committee meetings and connecting with their classmates.

Serve on a Committee

If you want to focus exclusively on researching, creating, and implementing tangible solutions for student issues, you should apply to ASG committees. As a committee member, you will be given the responsibility for projects and initiatives that will impact thousands of students every day.

ASG is now accepting representatives for several of our committees:

  • Student Health Insurance/Health Clinic Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • Student Events Committee
  • Community Service Committee

 The Associated Student Government of UAMS host open meetings every 2nd Monday of the month, at noon in IDW 114 A/B. Students are encouraged to attend and share any concerns with the ASG.

Additionally, students are welcome to add to the meeting agenda by contacting Nakia Dedner at or calling 501-686-5850.