Registration of Recognized Student Organizations Policy

Policy: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Division of Academic Affairs

Subject:  Registration of Recognized Student Organizations

Number:  2.2.2


Date Approved (Council of Deans, Provost): July 15, 2015

Date Effective:  July 15, 2015

Last Review/Revision:  February 7, 2018

Next Review/Revision: February 7, 2020


The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) embraces student engagement in various activities that serve to enrich the lives and educational experience of students.


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for UAMS student organizations that are required to register with the Campus Life and Student Support Services (CLSSS) department. Registration means submitting a “UAMS Student Organization Registration” form and other information described in the section “Registration” below. Those organizations required to register will be listed on the CLSSS Web site as recognized student organizations.

Definition of a Recognized Student Organization

For purposes of this policy, a recognized student organization is defined as a group of five (5) or more currently enrolled UAMS students, faculty, staff and/or individuals from the community whose primary purpose is to support the goals and mission of the University.  Only students may serve as officers or have a controlling interest in the organization.  All organizations must have a designated University faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor.  These organizations must adhere to expectations of the entire UAMS community, contribute positively to the campus and abide by all State laws and University policies. Student organization categories recognized by UAMS include Academic/Professional, Institutional, and Service Groups.

UAMS is aware that students may organize themselves into groups to pursue common social, religious, political or athletic objectives outside the scope of their education and professional goals. This policy does not restrict or inhibit the rights of students or student groups to form other types of organizations, but it sets forth guidelines for determining which organizations are required to register with the CLSSS Office.

Types of Student Organizations Required to Register

Academic/Professional: Academic/Professional organizations are student organizations and local chapters of National Organizations whose primary purpose is to support and enhance the academic goals of the University. Examples: American National Dental Hygienists’ Association; American National Medical Association.


Institutional:  Institutional organizations are student organizations that are essential to the fundamental purpose of student learning and whose primary function is to support the mission and goals of the University.  Examples: Associate Student Government (ASG); Graduate Student Association (GSA); Student Councils.


Service Group:  Service Group organizations are student organizations geared primarily to supporting the missions and goals of the University by providing community service learning opportunities for students. Examples: 12th Street Health and Wellness Center, Global Health Interest Group.

Registering an Organization

Anyone interested in starting a recognized student organization should contact the CLSSS Office:  phone – 501-686-5850 or CLSSS website –

Criteria for Recognition: Recognition will be granted only to those organizations whose purpose and proposed activities are clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the University.


Process:  At the beginning of each academic year, a UAMS Student Organization Registration form must be submitted to the CLSSS Office, along with a copy of the organization’s constitution/bylaws. Constitutions/bylaws are kept on file and should be updated annually.  Forms must be signed by the organization’s sponsor/advisor.  Incomplete forms will not be considered. The following information must be submitted on a registration form, which is available at


  1.   Organization Name
  2.   Sponsoring College/Dept.
  3. Type of Organization
  4. Mission/Purpose
  5.   Fees, dues, or other funding sources
  6.   Officer and leadership structure
  7.   List of student membership
  8.   Faculty Advisor
  9. Time and location of meetings
  10. Contact person

Completed registration forms and constitution/bylaws should be sent electronically to the address noted on the CLSSS webpage; these documents will be reviewed and filed in the CLSSS Office, and the student organization’s link will be updated on the CLSSS webpage

Recognition shall be denied if the evidence shows that the proposed organization conflicts with the educational goals and mission of the University, including but not limited to:

  • The regular and orderly operation of the University
  • The requirements of appropriate conduct within the University community
  • The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities
  • The laws or public policies of the State of Arkansas and the United States
  • The statutes and regulations of the University


Annual Renewal: Registration forms should be submitted each year with updated officer names, membership count, etc.  In addition, any changes to the organization’s constitution or local charter must be submitted through the procedures for registration. Constitutions are kept on file in the CLSSS Office and must be updated annually.

Use of UAMS Conference Room Facilities by Other Student Groups

Other student organizations or groups, which do not meet the criteria for recognition under this policy, but wish to use UAMS conference room facilities, must follow the procedures outlined in the UAMS Use of Conference Room Facilities Policy (12.4.01).

Relation to UAMS

The Student Government Association and other recognized student organizations are independent associations. They are not agents or representatives of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, the University of Arkansas, or the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and they are in no way authorized or empowered to enter into any agreement, contract or understanding on behalf of UAMS.  Any provision or understanding that binds UAMS through one of these organizations is null and void. UAMS is not responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations, or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations.

Use of the UAMS Name or Logo

Student organizations should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 501-686-8992 to request authorization to use the UAMS name or logo.

Non-Discrimination Clause

No student organization shall discriminate against a qualified member at UAMS on the basis of their color, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age, gender, marital status, ability, or veteran status, and all shall abide by the UAMS Anti-Discrimination Policy (Policy 3.1.10).


Student organizations, whose members commit, encourage, condone, or contribute to violations of the policies of the University Of Arkansas Board Of Trustees, UAMS policies including the Basic Code of Conduct and college policies governing student behavior, or the laws of Arkansas or the United States are strictly prohibited.

Event Requirements

All recognized student organizations must adhere to the Campus Event Policy set forth by the University (Policy 3.1.47).   Recognized student organizations planning to host events with access to alcohol are required to submit event requests to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Operations for approval.  This request should include the venue, description of the event, time, date and contact person. The request should be submitted two weeks prior to the date of the event; a request does not guarantee approval.


University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy 705.1, Use of University Facilities

UAMS Policy 12.4.01, Use of Conference Room Facilities.

UAMS Policy 3.1.10, Anti-Discrimination

UAMS Policy 3.1.47, UAMS Events Policy and Master Calendar Procedure