UAMS Student Center

Student Center Mission: 

To enhance the social and cultural environment of UAMS by providing a welcoming and respectful space to study, hang out, have lunch, and socialize with your peers. We strive to be an active, safe, all-inclusive,  trendy place for students to enjoy. It is our goal to offer every student a “living room” type setting to relax outside of the classroom.

About the UAMS Student Center:

The Student Center is a popular destination for student events, initiatives, and campus-wide departmental collaborations. It is an open space with a cool modern design, flat screen televisions, and many charge stations for your electronic devices. The Student Center’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:00am-4: 00 pm. Extended study hours may be available.

Local Grounds:

Local Grounds is located within the UAMS Student Center. It is Local Grounds goal to serve the community by creating excellent handcrafted foods. This location is a warm and friendly spot to enjoy fresh bread, soups, sandwiches, salads, and we proudly serve Starbucks coffee every day.  There are intimate tables for two to enjoy a quiet lunch with a friend or it can accommodate a larger group gathering. Also, there is outdoor seating to enjoy when the weather permits. Local Grounds hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:00am-2: 00 pm. (501)-320-7080.


200 Hooper Drive/Little Rock, AR 72204


Vanessa L. Lewis/Student Services Manager/501-686-5654